Can An Average Student Clear or Pass SSC Exam

Can An Average Student Clear or Pass SSC Exam like CGL CHSL JE Stenographer GD

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क्या एक औसत छात्र SSC के Exams पास कर सकता है जेसे की एक होशियार की तरह SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC Stenographer, SSC जूनियर इंजिनियर इत्यादि |

Can average minded candidates grab an opportunity same as Toppers, in SSC Exams ?

It is a big misconception of people that only toppers, that too who study a lot more (more than 7-8 hours daily) get selected on the positions in competition exams like SSC CGL, SSC JE or SSC CHSL.

There are many people with average brain and average study schedule too secured a place along with the toppers of SSC exams.

The key is to know what you’re preparing to go into and how far would you go, to score an opportunity like this. This is totally based on the mind set of people.

Can An Average Student Clear or Pass SSC Exam like CGL CHSL JE Stenographer GD :-

What is the reason behind the myth ?

It actually depends on the mentality of a candidate and how hard is he/she willing to compete for an opportunity as such, regardless of him/her being an average minded person.

Toppers are generally known to study hard, work hard (in normal cases) where they are book worms and they lick every single page of the books but this is not true in most of the cases.

And average minded people connect the topics and sections where they are strong at. That is the main reason for not qualifying in the exams as competitive as CGL or JE.

The thing is toppers are more into clearing concepts than reading books. They tend to be specific about topics. They don’t go page by page, just get the concepts right to get through the examination.

But preparing for an exam like SSC CGL, it takes more of tricks and concept knowledge than the hard work or licking the books.


Can An Average Student Clear or Pass SSC Exam

What Should be Done By Average Candidates :-

Here are some key points which will help the candidates who thinks that they are Average In studies.

Average people need to do this:-

Qualifying the examinations and clearing the interview stage and then becoming an Officer, there is a difference between both. One can always read enough books and crack the prelims and mains, but one must have the attitude and skills to make it alive out of the interview, that is where the real you is judged.

It takes more than just the study and hard work to secure a position of Officer or Junior Engineer through SSC and many toppers too are rejected places in the lack of required skills.

People with average or below average profile and knowledge are more specific with the subjects and topics like covering the important ones and they often end up leaving the important stuff behind.

If the candidates have got their concepts clear, it will be a lot easier for them to score good in the examination.

The subject wise specification plays a major role too. For example, people are average with mathematics but good with GK and English tend to lose marks for choosing incorrect answers and that affects their overall score.

So one need to prepare well and keeping focus on each and every topic to score well in such high competitive examinations. Whether you had your basics cleared before applying, but if you intend to qualify in an exam such as SSC CGL or JE , you ought to work hard and study smartly.

Past don’t matter, but preparation in present for the future do matter a lot. There are many people in India with average brain and study plan.

They not only cleared the examinations like CGL, CHSL or JE but also are at positions higher than many toppers.

It is all about developing the required skills and manage time effectively resulting in gaining a perspective on how to clear the written exam and then the interview.

SSC Exam Success Stories For Inspiration in Exam :-

  • Let’s take an example of Miss Neha Nautiyal, IAS Dehradun. She got a great rank of AIR 185/CSE 2011.
  • She told from the spokesperson about how she made it work which resulted in her clearing the Civil Services examination (UPSC), which is considered the toughest of all exams. She told that she did not have a great profile or great marks. She rated her educational profile to be average itself.
  • She didn’t think that she was the brightest yet she made her choices to go and compete for the Civil Services exams and in her second attempt she acquired the toppers place.

So it is all about perspective of the candidate and how is he going to do it. The example of Civil services is taken because it is considered as one of the toughest exam and still a candidate with average profile cracked it.

So it can be done with the SSC exams as well.

  • Another example is of Mr. Sagar Gupta( Divisional Accountant, CAG) who cleared the SSC CGL exam in 2013.
  • Mr. Gupta says that being from an ordinary family in Jharkhand, studied at an ordinary hind medium school, getting a degree from average college and still being able to score good marks in SSC CGL 2013 resulting in grabbing a position of Divisional Accountant in CAG.
  • He says that making a good plan of preparation helps a lot, even if you are an average person with average mind set. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have English skills at basic level, or not a good reader.
  • Just making a study plan of preparation and then sticking to it anyhow, developing a regular habit of reading and then take an exam.
  • You will definitely clear it to reach a position among toppers, may that not be in the first attempt, but definitely going to get selected in the future attempt.

Apart from these two, there are many success stories to be found where people from poor background, average marks but they scored well in the Competitive examinations like SSC CGL, CHSL , JE or SI and now are at position in Central government where many toppers haven’t reached yet.

Conclusion of The Question That Can An Average Student Clear or Pass SSC Exam like CGL CHSL JE Stenographer GD :-

To crack an exam like SSC CGL you got to become smart. Hard work along with smart work is the key to success for this exam. It is also advised for you to try to acknowledge the exam pattern that SSC uses.

As most of the questions in the upcoming examinations, will be copied or reconstructed from the previous years. So practice a lot of papers, including the papers from previous years. With this you will start to understand the level and pattern of the examination.

Don’t go for hard questions only, as you might miss the soft ones easily. Preparing every level and section will be highly advantageous for you.

So keep these thoughts and myths from your mind away, that you are average or below average and you can not score well in an examination like SSC CGL or CHSL. In fact, if you make a good study plan, there is better chance that you can grab the posts in Central government without any problem, along with the toppers.

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  1. What is the minimum qualifications for SSC clerk Exams. Is there any interview for this after clearing​ written Exam ?

    1. No there is no interview for this post and the SSC CHSL Exam have 12th pass education qualification in which there is LDC, DEO, Postal Assistant jobs.
      In SSC CGL There is Graduation Needed to Appear in the Exam.

    1. You must be graduate before applying for the exam. and for the particular stream you need be a particular subject pass candidate.

  2. Sir/mad cgl2017 form m galti se Aao, junior statistical officer wale options par yes ho gay hai.koi solution hai. Ab change karna ka………… m education qualifications B.A hai. Please reply

    1. No there is no Edit option for CGL Form if application Process is done.
      You will have to register again for the same form different mail address.

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