How To Prepare For SSC CGL Exam A Beginners Guide For Every Student

Maintenance Of Plan For Study :- 

To study and get prepared for the SSC CGL is not as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning . you got to devote and expense some time in order to prepare and grasp the raw material required to Top the examination.

Main Method is adopted by a candidate for success in CGL Exam is to pattern your time-tabled study.

There are a 100 questions, each carrying 2 marks, with “an hour” time in SSC CGL Examination Tier 1.

How To Prepare For SSC CGL Examination Pro Method For Beginners :- 

You can attempt the exam to be conducted in a a different categories known as “Levels”.

Level I and Level II can be attempted or conducted “ONLINE”. You use your writing material (Pen-Paper)  for Level III. The last level IV is a test in computer skills. its availability is at the candidate’s option.

Patterning The SSC CGL Exam :-

All the 4 levels are categorized in the following MAIN POINTS :-

SSC CGL Level I :- 

25 questions are given for testing how sharp your intelligence and reasoning are.
The next set of 25 questions assess your awareness in general.
The third set would test the aptitude you possess.
In the final set of 25 questions your English language is examined as to how much your mind has comprehended.

SSC CGL Level II :-

  1. The quantitative ability is tested through 100 questions which carry 200 marks with a duration of 2 hours.
  2. English language is comprehensively tested through 200 questions, each carrying one mark and the duration is same.
  3. Your intelligence is Statistically assessed by 100 question with 2 marks per question. Of course the duration is the same.
  4. General finance and economics level is examined by the next 100 questions which carry 200 marks.
  5. The duration for your examination is the same (2 hours).

SSC CGL Level III :- 

The Staff Selection Commission of India has introduced for CGL Exam a detailed and Elaborative paper of 100 marks in English/Hindi Language for SSC CGL candidates.

This paper has to be completed within an Hours.

SSC CGL Level IV :- 

The major Skills to be tested are :

  • Writing Skills : Candidates have to type 2000 words in just 15 minutes in English on a Computer.
  • Mature capability and distinctivity in processing words in sequence in spreadsheets and generation slides is examined.
Please Note :- 
  • Candidates handicapped or disabled duration for (a) level I 50 minutes, (b) Level II 40 minutes added to 2 hours.
  • Please do qualify the cut off for each level so as to get promotion to the next level.

पढ़िए कैसे SSC CGL के सबसे कठिन विषय अंग्रेजी भाषा की तैयारी करनी चाहिए | 

SSC CGL & Everything About SSC CGL For Beginner & Expert Aspirants 

Why Candidates Compare CGLE V/S CHSLE and Differentiate Them 

How To Prepare For SSC CGL Exam A Beginners Guide For Every Student :-

Each and Every Aspirants of SSC CGL Exam and New Students Who are Still in Final Years of Their Graduation or The Students who is newly Graduate are preferring SSC CGL Examination with one Common Question in Their minds which is , “Instead of getting coaching, what do i do to top the SSC CGL in a couple of months ?“.

Major Preparation Tips For SSC CGL Level I :- 


  • Marks would be awarded for each correctly answered question while half a mark would be deducted for an incorrect answer.
  • Bear in mind the following points set, yourself to know the syllabus, prepare a time table for your regular study.
  • The Early you start the better you proceed.
  • For your knowledge, most questions from the past papers may appear, which will enhance your preparation through practice.
  • Remember practice leads to perfection.
  • Main focus must be set on all sections. it would be an ill-thought to pour efforts on selected topics that may lead to confusion or a blank-mind.
  • Light of intelligence focuses in a uniform procedure.
  • Enough material and resources would be provided to enhance your preparation.
  • Regular practice and confidence would strengthen the will power.
  • Where there is a will there is _ ?
  • Wherever and whenever you feel uncomfortable, take a slice of a break for a few seconds, gather the efforts and ignite your power to accelerate the procedure.
  • manage your time in a scheduled manner which would help you maintain the confidence.
  • Confidence cultivates your study crop, sharp intelligence water it, deep devotion and dedication creates an affable atmosphere.

SSC CGL English Preparation :-

Prepare Thus for English comprehension :- 

  • These points are just answering the question “How to Prepare English for SSC CGL ?”.

  • In level I 25 questions (each carries 2 marks for correct and -0.5 marks for the incorrect) are asked.
  • While in Level II, there are 200 questions (with 1 mark each and 0.25 for the incorrect answer).
  • Never be scared of the English language.
  • Vocabulary builds your speech.
  • Ready yourself to prepare a strong vocabulary.
  • Error: Sentence formation in accordance with basics of grammar is the fundamental ground.

Please remember : uses of nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, linking words and phrases, rules of tenses, passive formation. 

Grammar sharpens your potential ground.

How To Prepare Maths For SSC CGL :-

Aptitude Preparation For SSC CGL Tier I :-

  • Mature confidence, accuracy and punctuality.
  • Sharp and quick decision, all these need regular and repeated practice.
  • Question in different categories are put forward before you.
  • The subjects of mathematics are the topics for this section. parallels perpendiculars, equivalent figures, the diagonals, spherical, used in daily life in geometry.
  • The four operations of Arithmetic without which we cannot survive (Plus, minus, multiply, divide) in our family.
  • In our general life we observe mathematics in our daily routine but are obscure of it.

पढ़िए कैसे SSC CGL के सबसे कठिन विषय अंग्रेजी भाषा की तैयारी करनी चाहिए | 

SSC CGL & Everything About SSC CGL For Beginner & Expert Aspirants 

Why Candidates Compare CGLE V/S CHSLE and Differentiate Them 

General Awareness A Major Part of CGL Preparation :-

  • We are aware of our society in a general manner, social sciences and scientific sciences with some general political background are the sources for study.
  • The latest political clashes and current affairs are to be studied.
  • The best source is the daily newspaper with contents on politics, sports, society, economic levels, to be observed and experienced throughout the world.
  • A daily reading with repetitions where required is the main factor and method.

CGL Preparation Guide For General Intelligence and Reasoning :-

Maintain Intelligence-reason. The questions are bases on logical general background.

An eye on the question and another for observing the correct answer.

What will the questions be based on?

  • space and the universe, analyzing the facts, judging with accurate decision, difference in visuals and observations, classifying figures, concept of relation with mathematics, defining topics in English grammar, and so on.
  • You should possess the ability to fancy your ideas in an abstract atmosphere.
  • Arithmetic, geometry are logically the basics of our life.

Please do read the questions completely, once or even twice, grasp in your mind and then HUNT for the answer.

  • Measure logical Thinking, keep your focus on solving or answering in a general simple manner.
  • Of course there should be Tough and Light Questions along with Easy and Soft.

Patience pays well

  • Use patience, guts, skills, truth and time in a calm and correct manner but quick decision also works well.
  • Confusion creates inability by the way , you are confused, move forward to switch on the next step.
  • If you have some time, you may rewind and recheck your questions.
  • Form a habitAlways revise and edit your completed work so as to become confident.

How To Prepare Maths(Quantitative Aptitude) For SSC CGL :-

Quantity is always measured in numerals, which are useful throughout the human life.

The questions for this test are designed to sharp the ability and appropriate the sense of numbers, decimals, fractions, percentage, ratio, etc. You may be asked to evaluate the average, interest, profit or loss, discount in a business.

Algebraic identities, linear equations, the use of triangles, their similarities may be assessed.

A fresher in the kitchen would be able to form a triangular type chapati.

  • You should be aware of the bangles our females wear round the wrist, these are complete circles.
  • Quadrilaterals like square, rectangular, cylindrical are our household figures.
  •  You may observe the domes of our historical monuments, which are the Semi-circles or Hemispheres of geometry.
  • Remember the Conic or Prism figures temples.
  • The distance traveled and the time taken (Wherever you are on a tour) are in mathematics.
  • Measures the Angle Formed by the floor and the wall of your room. it is always 90deg (A Right Angle).
  • The opposite walls of an accurate room are always parallel to each other and the floor and the ceiling are also. whereas the wall is always perpendicular to the floor.

Note:- Try to recall or rewind the Geometry, Algebra and Arithmetic Studied in High School.

पढ़िए कैसे SSC CGL के सबसे कठिन विषय अंग्रेजी भाषा की तैयारी करनी चाहिए | 

SSC CGL & Everything About SSC CGL For Beginner & Expert Aspirants 

Why Candidates Compare CGLE V/S CHSLE and Differentiate Them 


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