Preparation of English Language For SSC CGLE Is Tougher

Preparing English Language for CGL :-

How Mother Tongue Influence the CGL English Preparation:-

In India the state-language or Hindi is the mother Tongue. English being recognized as an International language, seems quite different. But there are sections of people who prefer English to other languages, and use it as a mother tongueso as to remain practiced and reputed in a highly classical society.

Raw Material For CGL English Preparation:-

Using broken sentences or unsuitable words would disrepute you and make you feal awkward. to get trained in using the English Language you have toexplore for its base, which contains the Raw Materialor the basics, that is Grammar.

पढ़िए कैसे SSC CGL के सबसे कठिन विषय अंग्रेजी भाषा की तैयारी करनी चाहिए |  

Preparation of English Language For SSC CGLE Is Tougher :-

Always remember Some Points Before Preparing the CGL English Subject :-

  • A sentence contains a subject, a verb an object and some remaining part connected to the subject.
  • The subject is always a Noun or a Pronoun.
  • Verb is called the back-bone of a sentence.
  • The object alike the subject is also a Noun or Pronoun. 

Backbone of CGL English Preparation :-

In the absence of the back-bone just imagine how the human body would be. In a parallel way, without a verb in a sentence, we have to make gestures with our hands.

Position of a preposition in Preparation :-

If a student says “I am the bathroom” “The ceiling fan is the head” what does he mean? The student has to use the prepositions “in” and “above” respectively and thus say “I am in the bathroom” or the ceiling fan is above the head.

What does it mean in English Language ?

We speak, read or write in our own language without caring for the parts of speech in our language. It is because the Raw Material or The parts of speech are already Absorbed in our heart and the Atmosphere where we live. The situation is adverse for English. We have to study the raw material, in order to use English in a grammatical correct manner.

पढ़िए कैसे SSC CGL के सबसे कठिन विषय अंग्रेजी भाषा की तैयारी करनी चाहिए |  

Blank Face At the Time of English Speaking & Preparation :-

You must have seen the persons who are unable to speak in proper English language, either remain dumb or use gestures, but if forced to speak they stand still with a Blank Face.

If you are being interviewed in English, the moment you cannot hunt for a proper word, you have the Face Blank.

In order to Prepare English For SSC CGL Exam :-

  • Learn or practice, you have to observe, comprehend in the mind how to use the english language.
  • attempt and answer the 200 questions in T-I, the student has to digest the grammar.
  • read and understand the comprehension questions and answer them, you need the Vocabulary or synonyms, antonyms, proverbs, idioms, saying, etc.
  • Solve the puzzles or questions, you have to understand how the word is used in the passage or you should know how the same word is used as different parts of speech. 
  • spot or mark an error the correct spelling of the word should be clear to you.

Remember Some Important Points of English Language :-

  • Never repeat the same word (already used) Repetition reveals your low-vocabulary.
  • Leave suitable space between words so that every word is identified.
  • carefully read the questions and try o understand what they mean.
  • Random reading would confuse you.
  • While answering questions, leave the one you are not sure, better move to the next.
  • For grammar questions or blanks, you have to practice, revise and re-revise the basics of grammar. 

Practice leads to perfection

Unless there is a challenge, Ability to work  does not arise. 

“You Possess the Guts to prepare yourself.
stormy strength to challenge.
adventurous imaginations to explore.
Oceanic Depth to comprehend and accumulate Towering Powers to Govern”

Why not Begin……

पढ़िए कैसे SSC CGL के सबसे कठिन विषय अंग्रेजी भाषा की तैयारी करनी चाहिए |  

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December 4, 2018

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