SSC Constable GD Details For Beginners & Preparation Tips Hack

SSC Constable GD Process of the Examination :-

CBE – Computer based examination From those online applications found eligible and suitable, the application or candidates would be advised to face the CBE.

Pattern of CBE (Computer Based Examination) :-

  • It is an Objective paper with a 100 questions each carrying a mark, with a duration of 90 minutes for the total questions and is divided into 4 parts (A,B,C,D).
  • Part A consists of the first quarter of questions based General Intelligence and Reasoning. While Part B has the second quarter on General Knowledge and Awareness. The third quarter which is part C is full of Elementary Mathematics The language paper in English or Hindi forms Part D with the final or the Fourth quarter.
  • Multiple Choice All the questions in the paper are objective with multiple choice.
  • The CBE will be conducted in English and Hindi only.

SSC Constable GD Exam Syllabus & SSC GD Preparation Guide :-

SSC GD Part A (General Intelligence and Reasoning) :-

Observe: Your ability to observe the different patterns, their similarities, relationship concepts in figures and visuals, observation of classification in Airthmatic figures and number series.

Prepare: Yourself to analyse what the questions indicate. Try to test the aptitude of the questions what they wish to mean in a simple general manner.

SSC GD Part B (General Knowledge and Awareness) :-

No Requirement: A special study, set of books prescribed on such topics,vigorous learning, memorizing, getting Tensioned (over what to study) are Not required at all.

  • A well-educated person, who :-
    In general is aware of his surroundings.
  • Can design himself to check current events.
  • Experiences and observes the environment around.
  • Feels himself fit on matters of sports culture, economic status, general political policies and their Questionnaire .
  • Tries to master himself and is confident of scientific aspects, relations with neighboring countries, geographical structures, fundamentals of Indian Constitution, research in any field.
  • Maintains self Discipline in acquiring knowledge and realizing observations, experiencing the facts, authenticity and the practicability the latest incidents and the updated matters concerning miscellaneous subjects and their study.

Constable  GD Exam की तैयारी कैसे करें और इस परीक्षा की A से Z तक की जानकारी नए विद्यार्थियों  के लिए  हिंदी में पढ़े | 

SSC Constable GD परीक्षा के शारीरिक मापदण्ड एवं नियम हिंदी में पढ़े |  

SSC GD Part C (Elementary Mathematics) :-

Airthmatic : as is clear, includes questions on fundamental operations, percentage, profit-loss, discount average, which are based on daily human life. Relations in (a) whole numbers, decimals and fractions (b) time distance and work mensuration is an important topic also Questions will be put for you on such topics.

Preparation For SSC GD Maths :-

  • Learned but forgotten:- It is a general truth at the Elementary Mathematics stage What and how to learn.
  • Learn the formula of one topic, you can take percentage. Check the examples how the formula is used, try to understand the procedure, solve the examples your self, on a separate sheet Repeat the process with more examples, until you are able to solve the exercise by your own efforts.
  • Never show haste in learning the formula and solving the exercises, You ought to have a lot of patience practice is the only method.
  • Read the questions carefully, patiently grasping what the question wants to ask. 
  • Mark separate:- Which ever question you feel difficult or tough, mark it for later period.
  • Orally:- There may be some questions you can solve orally, be aware you are confident you can solve orally, be aware you are confident.
  • Confused: Students do get confused in the formulas of various topics. To keep away confusion, invent or manufacture your own tricks, topic-Mark or whichever you feel easy. with confidence you have to memorize the different formulas indicate-marking the different topics.
  • Solving exercises repeatedly would mentally, practically and patiently prepare you over a confident platform.
  • Easiest scoring Regular, serious, silent concentrated and devouring study of Maths can score you easiest and higher.

SSC GD Part D (English-Hindi) :-

Unless: You are educated throughout and thoroughly in completely English medium, You would not be able to understand and grasp the English language of The Times of India or The Hindustan Times. As for as english movies are concerned, their language and style would go over your head

Smile :- 

  • Study the basics of grammar in a simple manner.
  • In simple English language try to read paragraphs, passages or stories.
  • whichever word you feel difficult, check in the Dictionary the meaning use and synonym of the word, note down and try to learn it.
  • If you learn simple new words daily, it would work well.
  • Of course you should learn the spelling in a simple way Vocabulary means learning of simple words with spelling, pronunciation, use and further using the word in your gossip.
  • Change of DISH “After a delicious meal, a sweet-dish creates potential in the body” is the western culture. Right the opposite, we prefer the sweet-dish to start. Our meal, (which has may tastes, sour, saline and even bitter) follows it.

Difficult after Simple :-

Idioms, phrases, sayings, synonyms, antonyms, identifying errors, filling the blanks, form that course of grammar which seems a bit difficult. But it also has to be studied.

Nothing is hard or difficult unless you understand its nature and origin. 


Analyzing:- After the computer Based Examination (CBE), candidates are sorted through their performance to face the physical Efficiency/Standard Test.

Constable  GD Exam की तैयारी कैसे करें और इस परीक्षा की A से Z तक की जानकारी नए विद्यार्थियों  के लिए  हिंदी में पढ़े | 

SSC Constable GD परीक्षा के शारीरिक मापदण्ड एवं नियम हिंदी में पढ़े |  

Efficient in what manner ?

A slogan in a Doctor’s room = “If the body is efficient, the mind would be and thus it is physically Fit. For the body to serve, serve the tummy (stomach)”.

Diet: Please do take care of your diet whatever we feed, should be digested and absorbed in the specific columns of the body, through organic reactions so that the fluids thus formed and generated possess the potential to create efficient and standard strength to the body which would be eligible for any test simply Whatever is eaten or taken as diet would be absorbed in the body Energizing the body for efficiency is done through Exercising.

Exercise by before down-running, jogging, better measuring Kilometers, so as to get fit in chest measurement Exercise the body empty stomach.

Physical Parameters:-

Height and chest can be made as required by a person only by different and specifies exercises.

SSC GD Necessary Medical Fitness (Indispensable) :-

Sometimes a person has some strange habit about which the parents say that it is inherited (or derived) from (Grandfather or Father). It may even be a disease (liking of much sugar or salt, gastric problem, not liking milk, etc)

Inherited diseases or habits are common in our society.

  • Some treatment has to be taken if it is a disease.
  • Males have to undergo (or tolerate) the medical examination of every part of the body (even the most sensitive bony or boneless) for this examination the body remains as it was at birth-moment and a few seconds later.
  • Whenever we have to consult a doctor for any illness or disorder, the doctor checks the Age-Height and weight. These three parameters should be in accordance to one-another.
  • As we have input and output in computers similarly whatever we take in or eat (solid and liquid) is our input. During and after digestion what we excrete or pass out or unload is our output for the medical examination the outputs from the outlets of the body, with hemoglobin, X-Ray for chest, are analysed and checked.
  • Female candidates: The lady who is conceiving baby of around three months shall be “Temporarily unfit”.
  • The generation of students at present are fond of engraving Designes, symbols, figures, religious or non-religious on any part of the body. It is a fictitious imagination stuck in the minds of our youth or juvenile, which symbolizes how fancy they feel lifted up in the Air.
  • Continued:- The Engravement on the body concerning religious figures are permitted in the Indians army. Those concealed on the inner parts like only left forearm (non-saluting), are allowed. In size it should be so minute and tiny, as not to be clearly visible from a short distance.
  • Post- surgery If any part of the body is surgically operated during the examination, you should better quit for the time being. A person On Duty has to do every sort of work. Unless you are physically and mentally fit, you should never try to join duty.

Constable GD Rejection Criteria :- 

  • If candidates have any chronic diseases (T.B.), (asthma), (heart).
  • Possess low vision, impaired hearing, unnatural abnormal gait, Tonsillitis, piles, artificial denture.

You might not be selected

  • An, under or over weight, nervous instability.
  • Wearing of contact lenses
  • Skin disease

You can imagine if a person with such unfitness stays around you, how would you feel?

(Physical Test)= (PST&PET): There should be some standards in the parameters, to be followed. The Height acceptable for a male is 170 cm., while for a female it is 157 cm. The running efficiency in males is considered 5 Kms. in 24 minutes, where as it is 1.6 km in 8 minutes and 30 seconds as required for females. Yet a different standard is maintained for the masculine and the feminine in the Ladakh Region.

Here the males should take 6 minutes and 30 seconds to run for a mile, while the female would take 4 minutes to run 800 meters. Those found suitable in Height will face the efficiency test of running the race.

Identification of Efficiency in a person is not related to Height or weight. 

Parameters should be based on standards so that scrutinisation can be processed with an Eagle’s Eye. 

Constable  GD Exam की तैयारी कैसे करें और इस परीक्षा की A से Z तक की जानकारी नए विद्यार्थियों  के लिए  हिंदी में पढ़े | 

SSC Constable GD परीक्षा के शारीरिक मापदण्ड एवं नियम हिंदी में पढ़े |  

November 28, 2018

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