SSC JOB or Bank JOB Which One is Better Career Option IBPS SBI or SSC

SSC JOB or Bank JOB Which One is Better Career Option IBPS SBI or SSC

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SSC JOB or Bank JOB Which One is Better Career Option IBPS, SBI or SSC :-

SSC JOB या BANK JOB जानिए कौनसी जॉब बेहतर है |

SSC JOB or BANK JOB Which One is Better Career Option as Most of The Candidates and Aspirants in India After Completing Graduation wants to know the Answer of this question. So Lets have more information about this topic.

Here we are going to Discuss Some Special Points and Survey Details That will definitely Help the People/Candidates/Aspirants or Collage Graduates to decide or get informed about Better Career Option From Two Specific Sectors of India SSC JOB or BANK JOB.

As Everyone wants a Great Career to live their life luxurious and famous but does it happens in Government Sector Jobs like SSC (Staff Selection Commission) and Banking Jobs (IBPS PO / SBI PO) & IBPS Clerk / SBI Clerk ?.

SSC JOB or Bank JOB Which One is Better Career Option IBPS SBI or SSC

No there are a rare chances that anyone can live a luxurious and famous life having a Bank Job or SSC Job But may have a Reputation and wealthy life.

Which one is Better between Bank Job and SSC Job ? we discuss here some points that will definitely differentiate the both jobs and candidates may find out which one is better in both.

SSC Job or Bank Job Which is Better Career Option :-

There has been an ample amount of arguments among the Government jobs aspirants as well as in the mind of various exam takers on this topic That SSC Exams and Banking Exams both are most fought exams in India.

People think that SSC exams are tend to be better than Banking sector exams as having lesser to cope with, somewhat lesser of preparation required and not much of reputation status for Banking officers.

So with this article, we are going to have  a good overview on the “Which one is better, SSC Exams or Banking Sector exams / SSC Jobs or Bank Jobs” But this is just the matter of opinion and not a statement indicating which one is better for all. Just read through the analysis done and take whichever you feel is right for analysis is based on following points, have a look :-

Key Points For Identifying A Better Career Option in SSC Jobs or Banking Sector Jobs :-

Here are some key ints that will really help the candidates to identify the better career option as SSC Exam Jobs or Banking Sector Jobs.

Opportunity Status :-

Since SSC is a government recruiting agency that conducts a number exams such as, Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam, Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Exam, Junior Engineer(JEN), Multi-tasking staff, Sub Inspector(SI), Stenographers, Constables and translators.

There are other exams too conducted by SSC as per need of the Government.

While Banking sector exams are generally held under Institute of banking personnel selections (IBPS) for Probationary officers, Specialist officers and Clerks.

Many banks like SBI (State Bank of India), conduct their PO/SO/Clerk examination themselves adding a good number of opportunities every year in the banking sector. SSC conducts exams for about 12000 to 15000 different posts every year while there are more than 22,000 opportunities coming in banking sector every year.

So it is the matter of your perspective and choice whichever suits you.

Growth Aspects :-

When you choose SSC to pursue, you always tend to think that it is better than banking sector because it is an Official post in the Central Government and you will have a steady growth than that of banking sectors.

Well, you are wrong. Banking sector provided a potentially steady growth in a number of years. For example, gaining an experience of 5 years would make you a Manager of particular department in the banking sector while having an experience of 5 years in the same department of Government won’t bring you any close to the management positions, because generally all the Directing and Administrative positions are ideally recruited directly or with the help of UPSC examinations like IAS.

So in the aspect of promotions, preparing banking levels are far too beneficial than the SSC exams.

Does that imply that you should leave preparations for SSC and go for PO/SO? A big NO. Because there are many other aspects other than just growth to decide.

Remuneration/Perks/Emoluments :-

Now if you’re thinking about the initial pay grade, then please drop the idea of starting salary. Better think of your future plans.

The earnings of an SSC recruit and a Bank PO/SO/Clerk recruits have a slight but straight difference to be observed. A Bank PO generally earns more than an SSC recruit initially and it increase with experience.

There are gradual benefits and perks assigned with SSC recruitment also. So if you are in banking sector and want to earn more and more, you can always join a Private sector bank after gaining an experience of 10+ years.

A Bank PO going to earn more than a SSC recruit anyways. So at this point, banking sector is 1 – 0 to SSC. But if we talk about clerk post then SSC Takes stand above in Salary Perks.

Reputation and Social Standard:-

In India, there is hype about people settled on higher posts in Government. The government positions and it’s statuses are considered top and highly.

The status of Government official is quite higher than that of a Bank PO/SO/Clerk. So as for social standard, Government positions definitely hold a plus over the Banking official.

This tends to Generalize that people think of Government officials as real helpers to the citizens, hence thinking higher of them.

But as younger people are getting around this fact that both are jobs, meant to serve the public of India, the gap between standard of living and reputation is getting steeper.

Working Status:-

Positions through both the SSC recruitment and Banking sectors require high responsibility and working capability. Though PO/SO/Clerk positions is often highly demanding and time consuming in comparison to that of SSC positions.

The working hours of a PO/SO/Clerk can go up to 12 hours as the demand occurs. Sometimes banks can demand extra hours of work when there is load and imbalance.

But it is 8-9 hours in that of Government positions (unless under rare conditions, it is fixed for 8 hours or so).

But you are not competing to take rest, you are here competing to work hard in real life, so you should go for the passion of your ideal job.

Security and Job Assurance:-

Unless you are a greedy guy, who works for bribery and tend to take risks to earn money, both the SSC jobs and banking jobs are pretty secure.

Yet, banking jobs provide a good term usually if you are not a dishonest person, ill-mannered guy, not good for PR of banks and not doing something wrong, you are likely to get a gradually higher positions as you grow as well as will serve a good term of 40+ years.

Banks do not fire people as they want and nor does the Government, only when there is a complaint or information of wrong-doing/offence against you. Cheers if you’re a good and honest employee.

Positioning and Postings:-

Both the SSC jobs and Banking jobs are often transferable, but there is a difference. Central government can assign you to any location in the country, where officer/personnel is needed. It can be term transfer of 4-5 years or as short as 1 year.

While in banking sectors, there is a good chance that you can be relocated to your home town after a year or two of serving in distant branch of particular bank.

So Government jobs often do not provide that flexibility to choose your relocation destination. So banking sectors wins here.


In government jobs, you generally deal with less people and from the same department in different organizations.

Considering you are banking professional, you are definitely going to have a vast network of people that you are going to deal with, such as people from villages or different cities. People of different professions and backgrounds.

So you grow a great interaction with people and make a good social network in banking sector. While it is less likely to happen in the government jobs.

So banking officials meet a lot of people, have great salaries, gain good experience in social as well as working life, generally work large hours while Government officials tends to have a good reputation, status and standard, government connections, benefits of Central government and different places to work with good but gradually increasing salary and less promotions.

So after this analysis, we could say that banking sector offers a promising, steady, potentially enhancing and commendable career path.

While SSC jobs offer a great status, reputation, good salary and benefits but slightly lesser than what today’s aspirants seek.

Conclusion That Which is better SSC JOB or BANK JOB :-

So Both Banking jobs And SSC Jobs Both are better in different aspects based on aforementioned points. Still it is just a matter of opinion and the choice is yours and you should take a detailed overview before applying and both ways you should aim to help people while earning money.

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